Filth Tacos: The World’s Unhealthiest Food

The Filth Taco, or Taco de Cochinada in Spanish, packs over 500 calories into each 80¢ taco. The Tacos Beto restaurant in Mexico City, which has served their signature dish for over 40 years has become legendary in the social district of Narvarte where they stay open until the early hours.

Twice fried in month-old animal fat, the greasy and unusable offcuts are cooked into a mulch and covered in chilli sauce, coriander and onion.

6 of the restaurants regular customers have suffered heart attacks in the past two years, while other clients complain of heartburn, high cholesterol and digestive problems.

BavFilms ventured over to taste the legendary taco, and talk to the owners and customers behind it.


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